Whales in Tromsø

Around the Tromsø area humpback whales and orcas can be found, though you need to look carefully. The humpback whales in particular, they normally go through a 60-year cycle, where they move into the Norwegian fjords in order to corner and catch herring. In 2016, this lead to spectacular sights, where a group of 70 whales were all together, in the process of catching fish. When I went, I had less luck, and we had to take a catamaran full of 150 people 120 kilometers outside of Tromsø in order to spot three of them. Still, I’m glad I did because the whales are majestic, especially when their tail raises up out of the water. My timing unfortunately was off when I tried taking pictures of them though, so the best you get are these hard to make out blobs. With the wind and the cold and the chaos I’m happy to have at least gotten a tiny bit of them on camera.




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